About Me

I am a writer and editor based out of Mumbai, India. I also design and develop WordPress websites and dabble in graphic design.

In March 2021, I founded Edit Ops, a productized service that provides on-demand editing services for busy writers. 

Before that, I co-founded an online literary magazine with a focus on Indian literature.  At The Curious Reader, I handled the operations of the company, designed and developed the website and also managed the editorial. I’ve edited hundreds of articles and worked with over 100 freelance writers.

Fun Facts:

  • I studied law and practised for two years before realising that this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life.
  • As a child, I was asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up? Happy, rich or famous? My answer, then as it is now, was ‘happy.’
  • I’ve solo backpacked in India on a budget of Rs. 500 (~$7)/ day.
  • I’ve taught myself HTML/CSS, how to design and develop WordPress websites, the basics of graphic design, Adobe Illustrator, and more through a mix of online courses, books, and what can only be described as tinkering. I’ve taken courses on everything from design thinking to lean startup (taught by Steve Blank) and branding. I am constantly learning and growing my skillset.
  • I’ve developed a tool called the Podcast Marketing Canvas (inspired by the Lean Startup Canvas and the Book Marketing Canvas) to help hosts create their own marketing plan for podcasts.
  • I read a lot. The Four-Hour Workweek showed me a new framework for productivity, The Personal MBA helped me understand the basics of management, and The $100 Startup taught me that starting a business doesn’t have to cost the earth. I enjoy literary fiction, dystopian fiction, mysteries and fantasy. Most recently, I have been enjoying translated literature.

My Philosophy


Growth Mindset

Always be learning and growing by taking on new challenges.



Take ownership and responsibility for my work.


Learn from mistakes

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them.

My Story


Graduated from law school and started working at Lexygen, a boutique law firm specialising in private equity and M&A.


Quit my job to take a sabbatical


Backpacked in India on a budget of Rs. 500 (~$7) per day.


Did a number of freelance jobs including copywriting for a real estate company and editing a book. Taught myself HTML/CSS and did a whole bunch of online courses.


Worked with Evil Genius Technologies, a company based out of Vietnam. Managed the operations of a SaaS app. 


Founded Podcast Aide, a company that provided podcast production and podcast support services. Developed the Podcast Marketing Canvas


Worked as a social media manager for Gateway House, a think tank based in Mumbai. I also researched for infographics and helped to create a geopolitical game.


Co-founded The Curious Reader, an online literary magazine with a focus on Indian literature. Designed and developed the website, managed the day-to-day of the company and handled the editorial responsibilities. 

August 2020

We shut down The Curious Reader since we could no longer sustain it. 

October 2020

Joined the first cohort of the On Deck Writers Fellowship to hone my writing skills and understand the ‘business’ of writing.