Design and Development of Websites

I use WordPress and the Divi theme to create websites that are both functional and beautiful.

Ranjani Rao

Ranjani wanted a website which serves as a one-stop place for her writings, where readers can download her book and contact her. She also wanted to build a mailing list and include social media links so she could communicate with her readers.

Keeping this in mind, we ensured that her website was easily navigable, making it easy for readers to get information about her in a jiffy. We added newsletter sign-up boxes at strategic spots and a pop-up as well.

Kamalini Natesan

Kamalini wanted a website that showcases her quirky spirit and promotes her latest book while providing a space for readers to interact with her and her with them.

We used bold colours and fonts to highlight her personality and put her book front-and-centre to draw attention to it. We designed attention-grabbing newsletter sign-up boxes to ensure that readers don’t miss an opportunity to get onto Kamalini’s mailing list.

The Curious Reader

Using Extra, a WordPress theme that uses the Divi Builder, I designed and developed the website for The Curious Reader, an online literary magazine. The goal was to make sure our readers have a clean and distraction-free experience on our website while making it easy for them to explore different parts of the website.

We used a minimal colour palette to draw attention to the custom illustration that accompanies each article. The fonts were carefully chosen to ensure legibility while highlighting that TCR is a serious publication.

By designing different layouts for posts depending on their category, we ensured that the content always shone. Further, we made it easy for readers to discover new content by adding related posts at the bottom of each article.

Other Projects

  • Used the BuddyPress plugin to develop a community website for a water fasting challenge.
  • Developed a website for a SaaS product based on the design provided.
  • Designed and developed a website for a company that manufactures components made of non-ferrous metals.