My writing tends to be simple and jargon-free with a focus on clarity and structure. I am equally comfortable writing both research-based long-form articles and personal essays.

On Deck Writing Fellow 2020

I’ve been accepted into the first cohort of the On Deck Writer Fellowship, an 8- week programme that brings together 150 writers from around the world and helps them take their writing to the next level.

The Curious Reader

I’ve written 60+ long-forms and listicles for The Curious Reader, an online literary magazine. Long-forms included both personal essays and research-based features while lists involved curation of books that fit the theme and a brief description of each.

I also wrote The Curious Reader Work From Home Guide where we shared our experience with remote work and gave tips to those just starting to work from home.

Keynote India

Wrote blog posts on topics like valuation of companies, the SME Exchange in India, and online lending platforms. The writing process involved doing research into each subject, understanding the material and then creating jargon-free and informative blog posts which would be helpful to potential clients.

Gateway House

I researched and compiled the data for several infographics on political and economic subjects for a think tank based in Mumbai.